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Manage Catalogue feature on MyEasystore

Manage Catalogue

Create a digital catalogue with different types of products, categories and add-ons.

Order Dashboard feature on MyEasystore

Order Dashboard

View and download complete order history and reports. Keep track of order status.

Online Payment feature on MyEasystore

Online Payment

Accept payments via debit/credit card, UPI, wallet, etc. through multiple payment providers.

WhatsApp Notifications feature on MyEasystore

WhatsApp Notifications

Receive order notifications on WhatsApp directly from customers.

Delivery Integration feature on MyEasystore

Delivery Integration

Ship orders directly from your online store. Pick from our multiple delivery partners.

SEO Ready feature on MyEasystore

SEO Ready

Your online store is SEO ready, no coding required.

Delivery Charges feature on MyEasystore

Delivery Charges

Calculate delivery rates based on distance, pincode or delivery partners. Restrict orders by distance or pincode.

Cover Photos feature on MyEasystore

Cover Photos

Display attractive banners to highlight particular products or offers.

About Page feature on MyEasystore

About Page

Share your brand’s story with your customers.

Store Layouts feature on MyEasystore

Store Layouts

Customise your online store and choose from different layout options.

In-store Promotions feature on MyEasystore

In-store Promotions

Display discounts and offers to attract customers and increase your online sales.

No Commissions feature on MyEasystore

No Commissions

Keep 100% of your profits—say no to commissions and encourage your customers to #orderdirect from your store.

Stock Management feature on MyEasystore

Stock Management

Assign a stock quantity to products. Stock automatically deducts as per orders, re-stocks if cancellations.

Email Notifications feature on MyEasystore

Email Notifications

Customers receive updates via email when an order is Accepted, Shipped and Delivered.

Customer Support feature on MyEasystore

Customer Support

Get in touch with our customer support team at any time using the in-built chat support.

Multiple Images feature on MyEasystore

Multiple Images

Give your store a strong visual appeal with multiple product images.

Categories feature on MyEasystore


Categorise your products for customers to easily navigate through your digital catalogue.

Add-ons feature on MyEasystore


Allow your customers to personalise products while shopping on your online store.

Product Status feature on MyEasystore

Product Status

Easily mark products as Available, Out of Stock or Hidden in your catalogue.

Sorting feature on MyEasystore


Arrange your products, categories and add-on groups as per your preference.

QR Code feature on MyEasystore

QR Code

Share your store QR code with your customers to scan and shop instantly.

Refer & Reward feature on MyEasystore

Refer & Reward

Earn extensions to your active subscription plan by referring MyEasyStore to others.

Share URL feature on MyEasystore

Share URL

Share individual product or category links with your customers.

Social Media feature on MyEasystore

Social Media

Link your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blog to your store.

Store Analytics feature on MyEasystore

Store Analytics

Link Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to track real-time traffic on your online store.

Multiple Devices feature on MyEasystore

Multiple Devices

Manage your store at any time, from any device.

No App Download feature on MyEasystore

No App Download

Customers can shop directly from your online store on any device without downloading any app.

SSL Secure feature on MyEasystore

SSL Secure

Your online store link will include an SSL Certificate to ensure a secured encrypted connection.

Custom Domain feature on MyEasystore

Custom Domain

Link your store to your personal domain name or subdomain and remove all MyEasyStore branding.

Order Source feature on MyEasystore

Order Source

Generate unique store links to track the source of your orders.

Availability Date & Time feature on MyEasystore

Availability Date & Time

Enable particular days and times for customers to choose during checkout while placing an order on your store.

Flexible Pricing feature on MyEasystore

Flexible Pricing

Choose between 3, 6 or 12 months while subscribing for a plan.

Free Auto Updates feature on MyEasystore

Free Auto Updates

Every new feature introduced on MyEasyStore automatically gets updated in your store for free.

Pause Store feature on MyEasystore

Pause Store

Pause ordering on your store at any time and display a personalised message to your customers.

Order Invoices feature on MyEasystore

Order Invoices

Print, email or share your order invoices at the click of a button.

Dynamic URL feature on MyEasystore

Dynamic URL

Add a parent website or any external link to your online store.

Bulk Upload feature on MyEasystore

Bulk Upload

Add all your products at one go using our ready-to-fill excel sheet.

No Developer Required feature on MyEasystore

No Developer Required

Start selling instantly after signing up and setting up your store with our easy to use, plug-and-play interface.

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